Lovin' March

Sunday, March 2, 2008 |

LOL.. Lemme start it it with a laugh LOL, i've gone crazy.. huh..my blog is becoming more like an online diary. But does it matter? its my blog right? and people visit my blog to have a glimpse of whats happening to me, to know my thougts, to laugh on some of my crazy cracks, to listen to my music and for some to steal my pictures. haha. (that was the real joke) LOL..
Well, Its March already, finally..
I love March simply because it polishes every bad things that happened to me last month.. Talking about February, I dont know but i think this month hates me LOL.. because most (if not all )of the bad things, most depressive events happened to me in that month..To name a few..My previous relationship actually started and ended February. My first "friend" gave me so much heartaches that for some reason always falls in this month.It was love month and yet this is the only month that i actually dont feel too much loved, imagine your bf saying I love you to someone else on Valentines Day?. woot.. that's just one, and there's still a lot but i have no intention to reminisce them for heaven's sake..Feb is Gone..Hello March..
Okay, so as i said in my previous article, I was truly born early morning Feb 29, but my parents chose Feb 28, that being the closest in terms of time interval.Sometimes i was thinking, what change could have been if i was born March.. but then again, i know im too smart to realize that stupidity.. Nothing..
I can say that during this month i cater my cards down, organize my life, make decisions, fix whatever needs to be fixed and leave any that needs to be forgotten..This is how i view March. For me March is a turning point for all my mistakes in the past year, its a deciding period for all my failures. If you're sensible enough to read me as a person, you will realize that i view my birthday (Feb28) as the ending..And i view March as the beginning..
March 1, 1980. Thats my first completed day as a human. this is when i could say, i lived.. and not "i was given life", not "i was born", and definitely not "i become alive".
I had so many plans that started in March, but recently i planned one thing in February, (something for March) that could have changed my life.. that being the case, made me excited so i opted to prolong, it was unexpected, as i actually plan it to be executed come March 1.. But i did, Feb 14.. U__U..Too bad, i was not emotionally intelligent enough to realize that i was not ready.. So it ended before even March. I regret that to the point that i want to turn back time even if February would extend, but then again, it cant be.. right? Whats done is done..Time passes by, and there are things that just need to happen.
March is here anyways..A new year for me starts now, a new life starts now .. If you've wished me a happy birthday before, that was to remember the day i was born, that was past tense..March is Today, Onwards is my Future..So cheers for me, bottoms up ... To life, to love, to luck.. to Mau!