Monday, March 3, 2008 |

Thats whats in my head right now..
I want them answered, but can be..
I have to wait, further..
I always wait..
I'm so good at waiting or I guess that what they believe..
Because actually i'm not.. I hate it, but there are exceptions and sometimes you cant direct yourself to just ignore, i guess when you love, you wait..
Duhhhhhhh ...
Grrrr.. >_<

If you're important to someone follows great expectations.. Why is that? Maybe because you think that they won't hurt you or maybe because you believe that they just want the best things in life for you like what? Luck, Love, Joy? Maybe you are wrong. Because If you love someone you are giving them unimplied right to abuse you with expectations, the very least to neglect you. Thats one fact, when you love someone, you're giving them the right to hurt you.. thats just simply because of "Expectations". I guess when you believe you are important to somebody you have high hopes, an anticipation of the future upon which something excellent is expected to happen or atleast something good or atleast nothing.. Ive been waiting long.. Too many times. But because i love, im also getting worried, because im human im also getting tired, and because i expect, i am also getting frustrated. Well, They say that Patience is a virtue. Give me more if you have it, or else i will end up, not minding at all, When that happens, Can it be called my victory? Winning over expectations.. Loosing that love within me?..