Pie's New Phone Photos

Saturday, February 23, 2008 |

Uploaded to Multiply..
Here are the photos (samples) uploaded from my sisters's new clam phone..
Ofcourse since thats her phone, some are her photos, some of photos at home, in the office, int he room, in the bed and of course yours truly.. hehe .. Indulge!

Thats my sister .. Pia Marie,
ganda nya noh, she's younger
than me,she's 24 now.. oh she's a blogger too.. Some of her pics were taken from the office with her friends, some in our house while playing with our dogs.

Thats her trying to get my dog out under the table, she could not get her out, so she went herself down the floor.. see.. my Miki obeys only me.. you can only have her obey you if you have something to give her,or if you can give a nice scratch to her ears . bad doogie..hehehe

Then here i am, again lying down the bed hehe, why are my pics taken from the same spot? you might wonder why.. thats because the room's color was either too bright during the morning or too dull at night so thats the best place to give me the nicest color and effect. other than that im too lazy to even bother sitting or standing. .. again, thats me smiling on my own, 1.. 2.. 3.. Click!