General Cleaning

Tuesday, February 5, 2008 |

Nobody's Girl.
I am .. as nobody owns me now, neither do i own anyone, i am free, and i choose to be like this until the right time comes or until the right person comes. I won't look around, i will only go forward, for ward, forward, no more side steps, no more turns, no stepping backs ..
Hope lost me, so i let go of hope .. But i am filled with something different hope cant even outwin. This time i'll let God work for me .. I have a strong desire to forgive, forget and wish for an ideal relationship with everyone, even with them who left me, even with him who hurt me.. I can only see the best things now.. Funny, last night was very short for me to realize that everything has no sense at all when it took me two years (or more) to hold back ..
From now on, I'll be stepping out of his shadow, and let me begin by cleaning the clutter here in my blog, Neil needless to say i should remove our pics because i have already done that a few hours ago.. Ive returned his password to his friendster account, i've returned the key to the apartment, i've erased his number from my celphone, his email from my YM, his and his family's contacts from my Chikka, i've deleted his character in Aruarose, i've done all the possible way to completely erase him from my present life..
I'm trying to live out of his shadows now.. or even before since i left elbi, but only recently i found the courage to leap longer not just merely step forward.
I know i can't be wrong doing this.. how can i be? When it feels just so so so Right !