Thursday, February 28, 2008 |

I've been through a lot lately..
I dont know maybe growing up does not really take an overnight, me, being naturally stubborn learning really takes time, i guess, because the more i see it the more i deny it, its because my heart is just too big to accept it.
I was on the bus heading home from Cubao, i just signed another job offer. Luck is coming my way, It should be, its my birthday, I should have started in tthat company 3 months back, unfortunately i chose to work closer, therefor, i went for Eperformax..
As i was heading home, im feeling a bit emoional having my music player maxed on.. Feels good to let it go, anyways, nobody would care, im at the rear part of the bus and the windows are adorned with thick draperies, so i just let it all go, everything im feeling and somehow it made me feel better.. being in tune to what you feel, not preventing yourself from remembering people associated with the songs you hear.. Accepting it..all of it..happiness, longing,pain embracing every experience at the moment .. acknowledging their existence..
Life..28 yrs of me.
It was a long movie, but it was worthwhile to remember it.. yah just remember it, never live on it..