The Best I Love You

Thursday, February 14, 2008 |

girl to boy

how many i love you's have u heard?
how many girls have you heard them from?
i assume theres many..
thats why..
my thoughts are tumbled
seeking the best combination
to say "i love you"
and to mean it, the way no one else has
i may truly be selfish
bec i want to be the best
being remembered as the best
loved with at your best
so i seek
what will melt your resistance?
what will bring your devotion?
what will win your heart?
should i whisper it to you?
should i cry my lungs out?
i am desperate to find the rightest
and yet simplest " i love you"
a combination that will keep you forever..
.. believing.. hoping..loving

boy to girl

Ive heard so many I love You's
from girls whom i loved and left
yes, there's many, even more
thats why
my thoughts are tumbled
seeking the best combination
to believe, and say "me too, i love you"
and to simply mean it the way you do
i may truly be worthless
bec i aint one of the best
not even known a bit good
But i love you too.. no less
and so it came
Your simplicity melt my resistance
Your honesty captured my devotion
Your love won my heart
Theres no need for whispers
Cause For you I'd cry it out
In you i found the rightest
The most adorable meaning of love
A combination that will keep me forever..
.. believing.. hoping ..loving