The Bigger Leap

Sunday, January 13, 2008 |

LOL . I haven't been even certified and yet i wrote this. Well, not that i'm confident i will pass it but i know that i can do my best at times, and one of those time MUST be, tonight . Lol
Well, i guess everyone's clueless.. and even my constant blogger friends and blog readers wont be able to comprehend. Okay, here's how it goes..
After a long time hibernation from the real-world i've decided to to step out of the world again and reclaim myself. I found a job in one of the call centers in Makati and believe me, not in my closest imagination i thought of being with this company. However I gave it a chance, anyways, Im trying to live my life away from the "usual things" and i'm striving , this time doing some "unusual ways". Err, im not selling drugs LOL.
I must admit that letting go of myself is tasting sweeter and sweeter each day. I never thought that meeting people, having friends, being with a company would be so much fun that im really getting addicted to it..But being the independent person that i am, i know that people come and go into our lives and that nothing in this universe is more permanent than change.
Well, after almost a month of classroom training, our class will be dispersed to different subteams with different scheds and Offs, Huh..I dont like that, but well, thats how it really goes, we dont trully expect our schedules would be so uptight we cant even have a common rest day, i guess, the videoke and beer days are gone, too soon.. =( . Sad..
My life right now is not perfect, but it certainly is not the worst, in fact, i'm happy, yes i am and its been so long since i last said I was.
My new friends taught me a lot of things i should have known already at my age , but only recently i learned that its okay to get close and to get lost, to belong and to depart, that its okay to laugh your heart out today even when you know, it will break tomorrow. at the moment, im learning to enjoy even things that would not last, im learning to accept momentary beauty, im beginning the see the importance of existence, no matter how short, how simple,no matter how odd..

WaMu 23C

So for everyone, thank you so much for your friendship.. We wont stop here guys, we will see each other from both ends of the floor right? Anjo, James, Vada, Ehmei, Lanie, Icee, Irvin, Julius, Raymond, Louie, Ges, Vince, Pyke.. Everyone, Thank you very much for making me comfortable, cared and remembered. because of you guys..
Im moving forward, im moving on.