Missing in Action

Saturday, December 29, 2007 |

Today, i learned that having true friends is really a treasure. Its that feeling that when you yourself are in pain, you want to outburst in tears upon seeing them, hearing their voice, reading their letter or text messages, makes you true to yourself, that hey, he's somebody who wont give a damn seeing how soft i am as a person, i can be true to myself should i want to break down, i can stop pretending that im OK and cry freely as i please.
I have a few friends and believe me, i can confide most to those i have not really seen in person, have not even heard his voice on the other line. But when i can feel their presence, im suddenly beginning to feel that its okay to cry, that i will be listened to, that i have somebody who cares for me, regardless..
Somehow, im a little sad because they seem to be floating away, and too little of the options i have to contact them, im extremely afraid, about them missing in action.

Just an email, just thru text..Hon
Hon (a call name) answered my email 2 days ago, i waited patiently for his reply and it took more than 2 months, i cant quite understand his letter to me, prior to that i have informed him that i have already ended my relationship with my partner. In the past 2 years, he was constantly with me in my continuous struggle, there was sometime that he was my source of strength, i value his words so much and i trusts him so much that he knows everything about the ups and downs of my relationship..In his reply he told me that he intended to not reply to me because he might say something not acceptable maybe not applicable and he worries that i may take that differently. I was delighted to hear from him, but more than that i was sad.. extremely sad, he did not even leave his celphone number, to think ive waited more than 2 months just for a reply. Evenso, i know that he really cares for me. Right Hon?
Irony, somebody who makes my complicated life a little better and somebody that i can only contact thru email and Text, i cant even text now bec i dont know his number..

Just thru YM, never seen each other, just heard voices
Intelasus thats his Mage's name in our RPG, waa whats happening to you im sick worried you ring my phone but when i answer its gone, im really worried about you and im afraid that you are a little mad at me, you told me that when i do something bad to myself you wont "pansin" me in heaven that you will just "deadma" me, but hey we are not in heaven yet but you are slipping away paps whats happening to you, Tampo nako sayo, you just tell me your contact number then ill call you overseas. kahit na mahal waaa.. i hate you na pag di moko tinawagan waaa.
Sickening, i heard your voice the first time after two years when you were already abroad, and now i cant even contact you because you did not give me your number or you must have forgotten, now that i want to hear you again, i have no means, no option but to wait.

The real deal, flesh, voice, message, and ehem some nice memories
He likes Red, I met him again and i was really expecting to see him in Eperformax because i know that he works there, but ive been with Eperf for quite some time already and still did not see him, only last Wednesday, I saw him in his favorite color, but he was quite indifferent to me, not my usual sweet Jiggs, really. I dont know, but im still making reservations, i know him and i know there must a reason why he can't even talk to me like he used to. When i saw him that night i want to hug him tight and start telling whats bothering me and what im really feeling, that i am hurt and that i am barely moving on, and that i feel so down and so little, i want to tell him everything like i used to, because i believe he care for me bec he's proven that more than any other friend could, much to my regret, he cant even talk to me, hurts me even more to feel that he cant even look at me, its still him, i know but, somehow it feels so different. Maybe its not my Jiggs, but just somebody else's boyfriend. I know, yeah right, i must be really guilty for ruining his relationship with Ira and with Tina, but i don't mean to.. i honestly don't mean to. Somehow, thinking back about the past made me sad, he might not be saying it but i know i have a major contribution for his past heartaches, he may not be blaming me but i know i have a fair share of blame, my existence in his life could be, he just could not say it.
Maybe, well just a lucky guess, maybe he was afraid to loose his girlfriend this time because of me.. not that we have a romantic relationship,no, we hardly see and talk to each other in the last two years, but just maybe, he was afraid that what happened to him with Ira and Tina, would happen again.. i dont want to realize that my hunch is true, because it would hurt me even more to let him go. He was a part of my life thats as important as my previous relationship, there was something beyond that i cant explain, nobody would understand how special he is to me. But should i prove that he was acting that way because my hunch is true, well.. well.. waaaaa. ayoko, pero sige..okay..kesa naman maging sad na naman sya.. I have always wanted to see him happy after all, he could be somebody else's boyfriend but he's still my Jiggs, and will forever be..

As much as i want to hear them, see them, feel them and make sumbong to them, i cant .. my beloved friends, my true friends are Missing In Action. Its really depressing, but i will wait, then again, hoping..wishful..longing