Guide : What is PTR?

Saturday, November 24, 2007 |

PTR stands for Paid To Read - and is something you can use to earn some extra money whilst not leaving your own computer. A PTR website you join, pays you to receive opt-in emails from advertisers who want you to visit their website. You will receive the email, click on a link and stay on that website for a predetermined amount of time, to give you chance to see what the advertiser is offering. A timer will count down (usually 15-30 seconds) and once finished, your account will be credited with the value of the email.


Arnulfo R said...

hi there,
how are you? hope u are ok. i read your blog and i know about ptr. you live in laguna and i grew up there. i live in california now but how do you actually get your money from PTRs if you live in the philipines? since, they don't have paypal there. i mean you cannot transfer your money to your bank account. so how do you get the money you earn from PTRs. what way you get money to your bank account once you earn?. hope you can answer my questions. thank you. hope you can reply. thanks!


Maureen said...

hello ^^
we have paypal here already, infact even in paypal is already being used as merchant
i was editing my post when i saw ur comment.. if you wanna sign up for ptrs i suggest you get some reviews first.. the ones i have above the banners, ive checked their reviews, so far they gave positive reviews, right now i am working on the awsurveys because they pay more its the very last banner..
ingat po kayo dyan ha and uwi kayo dito sa pasko ^^