PTR Guide - Getting Paid

Sunday, November 25, 2007 |

Now getting paid is the good part :) and I guess the endgame for the majority of people, so how does it work? Well again, this is down to how the owner of the site wishes to work it. Some will pay you automatically once you reach the minimum payout, some will pay you once a month regardless of how much is in your account, and some will have to be requested by you. If you are required to request yourself, many sites these days have a payout button that appears once you reach the minimum amount and you simply hit this, and are placed in a queue to be paid. But like I say, because sites work differently, ensure you read the help section of the site to find out how you will be paid, and whether or not you should request it yourself.

But most important here, is that you have the correct payment details setup. Within your member profile, a space is provided to put in your payment details, and if these are not correct, your payment may be delayed or skipped altogether, and you'd have to request again. So always ensure it is correct, please! :)

Keep all that right and you'll be well on your way to earning some extra cash.

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