PTR Guide - Things You'll Need

Sunday, November 25, 2007 |

As a minimum, you'll need the following before going off and just registering at lots of PTR sites, so make sure you have all of these before rushing off headlong into it.

Choose A Username
Try to pick a username that is unique, so that you can use it throughout every site you join. This is by no means a requirement, but for consistency, it's easier to remember. It's obvious jsmith is going to be a lot more likely to be used than js040879, so consider using something like that, perhaps with a date of birth on the end of your initials, whatever you feel comfortable with.

Choose A Secure Password
Passwords should always be as secure as you can make it, so using a combination of letters and numbers is a very good idea. The longer the password, the better also, but not too long, unless you are sure you will remember it. As a minimum, a password length of 8-10 characters is what we would advise, and like we say, use letters and numbers to keep it secure.
We do not advise keeping the same password for every site you join, as if one website gets hacked, then the hacker can try your details at other sites and may gain access, so keep them different if possible, but this is entirely down to how you wish to work.

Valid Email Address
It makes sense to have all your mails coming into the same email address. You can simply use your existing address, or if you plan to join lots of sites (which will means lots of emails), we prefer to keep them seperate from personal emails, and as such, create a seperate email account for that very reason.
If this is not for you, then fine, simply use your existing personal address, however, if you wish to create a new one for paid emails, you can sign up for a free GMAIL account.

Pay Processor Accounts
Different websites use different pay processors, which is where you will receive your payments when you have reached the minimum payment amount. So you will need to set yourself up with these accounts.

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