PTR Guide - Signing Up

Sunday, November 25, 2007 |

OK, so you've got all of the above and want to start getting mails! PTRInfo is a great place to start, as a resource for seeing who's popular right now and who's paying, so have a look round and see which sites you like. Go to them and follow the links to join.

Most sites require that you input your email address into a form, which when done, will send you a signup email containing a link to a more detailed form. When signing up, you will be required to give some personal information, usually your name, address etc... and your preferred method of payment, which you should now have available to you. Simply complete the form as fully as possible.

One other section to note is usually the section containing a lot of tickboxes. These are your opt in categories, the more you choose, the more emails you should receive, but beware because a lot of boxes are put there to hunt out cheaters.
For example, a box may be entitled, I Am A Cheater or Delete Me, so as you should always do, read carefully and show an interest in what you are doing. Only tick the categories you wish to receive emails on.

Once the form is fully completed, submit it and you should now become a member, assuming there are no errors in the form from you.

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