PTR Guide - Receiving Emails

Sunday, November 25, 2007 |

OK, so you're all signed up and eager to get going, I'm sure :)
Well now the emails should start coming through, not always instantly, but depending on the site you signed up with, may be straight away. Always bear in mind that volume of mail will can vary greatly from site to site because different sites will have more advertisers than others, hence they can send out more mails.

There are 2 main types of email you may or may not receive, depending on what you chose when opting in to the various categories on the signup form. Let's explain these.

Normal Advertisements
These are run-of-the-mill ads where somebody may be advertising a product, or perhaps another website, something like that....but these are ones where a link is there for you to click, you click it, and once the website appears, you are to wait for 15 to 30 seconds for a timer to reach 0. Once that happens, your account is credited and you can close the window.
You cannot open more than 1 email at a time from the same website, though you can open mails from others. Attempts to open up emails from the same sender will result in a message appearing telling you something along the lines of You must wait for the timer to reach 0 before clicking again.

Search Emails
Now not every site will send these, and some will ONLY send these, so you should check what each site is offering. Search emails are mails sent out, with the intention of not just having you click on a link, but after doing so, you should search for something or click on one of the categories, AND THEN, click on a link that was produced by the search results.

Sounds long winded, and it can be, if you are doing many of them. But keep it in proportion and you'll not only help bump up your own earnings but you'll be doing the site some good too, as the more searches an advertiser gets on their link, the more likely they are to come back. So to make a valid search, do the following.... 1. Click the link in your email, 2. Enter a search term in the box provided 3. From the search results, click on a link and visit that site 4. Allow the site to load fully before closing the window.

Remember, the more sites you join, the more emails you will get, so be ready to set a bit of time aside to get thru them, but be honest, don't cheat and you'll be fine :)

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